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Minuteman Environmental

24 hour emergency response services. 5 convenient locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Vacuum Truck Services

Vacuum Truck Services

Minuteman Environmental has 130 barrel tanker trailers to safely and efficiently transport almost any type of product. Our state of the art tank transfer unit can transfer 98% of all products on today’s market, including flammable liquids and corrosive materials.
Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Minuteman Environmental provides a 24 hour on call emergency response to any HAZMAT incident. With 8 locations throughout northeastern and central Pennsylvania, Minuteman can provide a quick emergency response to our customers throughout the mid-Atlantic region.
Roll-off Container Services

Roll-off Container Services

Minuteman Environmental offers complete roll-off and container services for the collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste materials. Our containers can be used for temporary storage, off site disposal and during emergencies.
Oil & Gas Field Services

Oil & Gas Field Services

Minuteman Environmental provides both conventional oil and gas field services and 24 hour emergency response services. For emergency spill cleanup or routine tank cleaning, Minuteman has the equipment you need.

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Minuteman Environmental Services provides 24-hour emergency response to any type of HAZMAT situation throughout Pennsylvania. Industrial endeavors such as mining and manufacturing can frequently involve using dangerous chemicals under treacherous conditions, so calling in an environmental service like Minuteman Environmental is a wise decision for those who require a company that will oversee cleanup safely from start to finish. Minuteman Services boasts a wide variety of services and accomplishes these jobs using a range of professional HAZMAT equipment.

Minuteman Environment Provides Emergency Response

minuteman environmental servicesMost people associate HAZMAT services with emergency response because that is the aspect of the job that is often the most publicized. Since industrial emergencies often involve a lot of risk for a large number of people, industrial businesses want to be sure to call in the right environmental services company to deal with the situation. Minuteman Environmental Services has nearly two decades of emergency response experience and its employees are professionals with quality training and knowledge in the field. Whether a company is dealing with a spill, a containment issue, or a vehicular accident, Minuteman Environmental will take care of all aspects of containment, cleanup, and disposal.

Minuteman has many pieces of equipment at its disposal for environmental and industrial emergency cleanup. PPE HAZMAT suits, bulldozers, response trucks, and rotators are all ready to be used at a moment’s notice in case of an emergency industrial threat. All Minuteman workers who are sent out to deal with these problems are qualified to operate this equipment and will do so with efficient expertise.

Vacuum Truck and Transportation Services Provided by Minuteman Environmental

Minuteman Environmental offers multiple types of vacuum truck services for companies working in the Marcellus Shale region. Minuteman has the equipment to handle 98% of all liquid products on today’s industrial market, making them the logical choice to handle the removal and transport of all hazardous and nonhazardous liquid industrial materials. The frac tanks, vacuum trucks, vacuum trailers, and vacuum boxes used by Minuteman Environmental will be operated by professionals who will ensure the safe handling of all industrial liquid spills and wastes.

The vacuum truck and transportation services offered by Minuteman are varied and continue from start to finish of the process. Minuteman offers confined space entry as well as vessel to vessel transfer; materials are safely transported, disposed of, and documented per legal regulation. The company does not have to worry about cleanup, transport, and disposal because Minuteman Environmental Services carries out the operation from beginning to end.

Oil and Gas Field Services

Minuteman Environmental offers many oil and gas field services geared toward companies that are drilling in the Marcellus Shale region. Since Minuteman is certified by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and is a proud member of the PEC Premier Contractor Assistance Program (CAP), those in need of oil and gas field services should consider Minuteman Environmental Services to be the best choice for any emergency or nonemergency cleanup or containment.

Minuteman Spill Response in particular is highly regarded among industry professionals for its effective response to problems, its commitment to safety, and its protection of the surrounding environment. In addition to excellent spill response, Minuteman Environmental also offers oil and gas field customers the same services offered to other industrial companies such as waste removal and emergency cleanup.

Solids Control Services

Minuteman Environmental offers solids control services to natural gas drillers throughout the Marcellus Shale region. Companies that need separation equipment, dewatering, shakers, or centrifuge equipment, Minuteman can meet the customer’s needs safely and efficiently. No job is too large or too complex for Minuteman Environmental Services; emergencies and routine maintenance are both met with equal amounts of calm professionalism.

Those who need contaminated soil to be removed and replaced should take advantage of Minuteman Environmental’s cleanup and site remediation services. Minuteman samples and evaluates the site, removes the contaminated soil and replaces it with clean soil, and disposes of the contaminated soil safely and legally. After disposal, Minuteman will return to the site and will landscape and reshape it so that it matches pre-incident condition.

Transportation and Waste Disposal

Not all situations with which Minuteman Environmental Services deals are emergencies, although Minuteman does also offer 24-hour emergency waste disposal. Dealing with waste is an unsavory yet necessary part of industrial business, but Minuteman removes all the unpleasantness for the company by handling all aspects of removing and transporting industrial waste. Minuteman classifies the waste, profiles it, documents its qualities, packages it carefully and safely, and transports it to authorized facilities. Drums and containers are no problem either as Minuteman supplies its own.

Minuteman Environmental also supplies a 130 barrel tanker trailer for removing liquid and semisolid waste, as well as vacuum boxes, pumps, filters, and other transportation and waste disposal necessities. Dump trucks, utility vehicles, and response trucks are always standing by to assist with waste removal and disposal.

Industrial Services

Minuteman Services provides nonemergency and emergency industrial services for numerous industrial businesses. Quickness and safety are always prime concerns when Minuteman is reacting to a HAZMAT emergency; Minuteman Spill Response is often the single point of contact between the emergency first responders and all levels of government when there is an industry caused environmental hazard.

Minuteman offers a variety of services to industrial businesses including an on-site assessment of the situation, complete documentation of all activities that happen on-site, and complete site cleanup. Other services include transporting and disposing of industrial waste, complete incident closure, as well as proper and legal communication with authorities to ensure adherence to proper management and disposal procedures. Minuteman’s PEMA certified team of workers undergo annual emergency response training as well as hazardous materials technician level training, so all Minuteman Services employees are up to date on the latest cleanup techniques.

Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Services

Minuteman services offers 24-hour frac monitoring and its employees are well versed in spill response, spill stabilization, and spill containment. Also available are frac tank cleaning services that will ease the rental process for customers as well as the provision of secondary containment liners for tank storage pads. Minuteman’s 500 barrel/21,000 gallon frac tanks make excellent storage for both hazardous and nonhazardous materials and can easily transport such materials to a place for safe disposal. Given Minuteman’s track record of experience and excellence, they are the right choice to fit the ever growing needs of the Marcellus Shale region.

Fresh water hauling services are also offered by Minuteman as this is a vital aspect of fracturing; inclement weather and treacherous terrain are not impediments to Minuteman Service’s team of highly qualified employees. Fresh water delivery can be scheduled so that drilling companies will have their water for fracturing in a timely manner so that business will be able to continue uninterrupted.

Tank Cleaning Services

Oil drilling requires the use of numerous on-site tanks, and Minuteman Services can clean out these tanks safely and efficiently. No tank is too large or too small for Minuteman; they have cleaned tanks ranging in size from less than a hundred gallons to upwards of 2,000,000 gallons. Minuteman is also unconcerned about the contents of the tanks being too difficult to handle since they have a history of cleaning everything from petroleum tanks to leachate tanks as well as acid tanks and chemical storage tanks.

One of the best aspects of Minuteman’s tank cleaning services is that the drilling company does not have to worry about assisting Minuteman. Contents of the tanks are disposed of legally and carefully or transferred and temporarily stored elsewhere with minimal fuss and confusion. Minuteman also offers routine tank checks and maintenance, inspecting and repairing damaged tanks in order to ensure optimum safety and sound operation of business.

Minuteman Industries

Minuteman Services assists more than just oil drilling businesses; in fact, they provide explosives management as well as reactive materials services to members of the chemical industry. The government also relies on Minuteman for swift and safe reaction to environmental hazardous materials accidents, and general manufacturing as well as engineering and consulting businesses rely on Minuteman for waste disposal. Minuteman also assists institutions of education by helping departments maintain laboratory equipment and other environmental programs. Power plants and transformers are also assisted by Minuteman, and people working in retail appreciate Minuteman Services for their assistance with recycling materials.

Pulling Everything Together

Minuteman Environmental Services has a track record of nearly twenty years of excellence as well as PEMA and PEC Premier CAP recognitions and affiliations. Its multiple locations throughout the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania make it an excellent choice for oil drillers and industrial companies in that area because Minuteman offers a wide variety of services that will be performed by competent and well trained individuals. A large range of companies and industries utilizes Minuteman Services because these companies require quality service in order to fix delicate and potentially dangerous situations. Whether a business is dealing with a hazardous chemical spill or routine tank maintenance, customers can feel confident that Minuteman Environmental is the best option for the job.